Keeping Hearts Fed!

Loving, learning and laughing Expressions keeping hearts fed...

Keeping Hearts Fed TOC...

Angels Today on Their Way!  Do you believe?
God's Light!   - a way out of the darkness
 I Am An Influencer!  So many names for helping someone...
 "The Power of YOUth" I Am Powerful Too!
 Diva Child Early on...
 Merry Christmas Mom...  Mom's love - Christmas every day.
♥ This MESSAGE!Growing from the inside...
 What Am I? Cherish your life-long companion 
 I Hope... Faith must...
 A Dance With The Clouds... The blessings of nature
 Friends Friendships makes the world go round
 Who Fights for the Sunshine?Don't sweat the small stuff 
 Forever Evolving Bettering your best is the test
♥ Happy Thanks GIVING! The more you give, the more you get
 What If..? For the ones left behind
 A Feast for the Soul! Feed the right stuff
 The Art of ME!See me
 The Twin Connection The joys of connections 
 Joi The Eyes of Jordan
 I Believe It begins with the strength of I AM! 
 Word Power words can... 
 They Grew From Nothing... From ideas to...
 The 8 Snippets Life enrichment cycles of love, learning and laughter
 Auntee's House A place of belonging
 LOVE God is LOVE.

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Keeping Hearts Fed/Words Have Power

Two Books in one stimulating creative young-hearts

co-authored by Ms. Jordan Johnson.

Keeping Hearts Fed/Words Have Power!